Questions for a panel at Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Life Sciences

James Malone and I are the Scientific Chairs for Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Life Sciences (SWAT4LS) 2015, Cambridge UK in December 2015. As we’re coming to the end of the paper submission period we’ll be doing reviewing and forming the programme. Rather than wall-to-wall talks, James and I want to break up the day a bit; panel sessions are a standard way of adding a little variety to a programme and can be both lively and informative – if the questions are right etc.

One can either form a panel and choose questions appropriate to a panel; choose questions and form the panel to suit; or some combination of both. For SWAT4LS 2015 we want to open up the questions or theme for the panel(s) to the SWAT4LS audience, gather a corpus of good panel questions and then form a panel around these questions, with some moderation by who we can get to be on the panel.

So, this is a “call for panel questions” or a CFPQ. Add your proposed questions along to the short CFPQ survey at James and I will take a look and along with the rest of the SWAT4Ls organising committee choose some panel questions. Do send along anything you wish to ask about Semantic Web technologies and the life sciences; we’ll use these questions to prime the panels sessions, which will then be opened up to the audience. Those people that have their question used for a panel will receive:

  1. An acknowledgement of their contribution (unless they choose not to do so).
  2. A £10 Amazon voucher (or equivalent in some other countrys currency).

This CFPQ will close on 1st October 2015.

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